Position:          NHTSA Traffic Records Analyst/Coordinator

District:           Territorial

Division:          Virgin Islands Office of Highway Safety


Tel:                      (340)-714-9820


Brandon Manners is the Traffic Records Analyst/Coordinator for the Virgin Islands Office of Highway Safety within the U.S. Virgin Islands Police Department. As the Traffic Records Analyst, Brandon oversees the research, analysis, and evaluation of crash and other traffic related data, and data systems, to provide data-driven evidence of deficiencies within the USVI’s Traffic Records System. Brandon is also responsible for coordinating/monitoring the activities of projects funded through the Traffic Records Program and the Traffic Records Coordination Committee.

Brandon earned a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from the University of the Virgin Islands in 2019. During his studies, he interned with the Emerging Caribbean Scientists Program as a Research Assistant and participated in mathematical research aimed at developing a program that utilizes known location data, probability, and statistics to pinpoint animal spawn aggregates. Through his academic experiences, coupled with his natural curiosity for how things work, Brandon grew a strong sense of devotion to solving real-life problems through the application of mathematical and scientific theories.



Program Area

The Traffic Records Program was developed and implemented to provided funding opportunities to stakeholders who wish to improve the timeliness, accuracy, completeness, uniformity, integration, and accessibility of the Territory’s safety data needed to:

  • Identify priorities for Local and Federal highway and traffic safety projects and evaluate the effectiveness of such efforts.

  • Link the Territory’s data systems, including traffic records and systems that contain crash, medical, roadway, and/or economic data.

  • Improve the compatibility and interoperability of the Territory’s data systems with national data systems and the data systems of other States.

  • Enhance the Department's ability to observe and analyze national trends in crash occurrences, rates, outcomes, and circumstances.

The Territory’s Traffic Records System is made up of the following six core databases:

  • Crash database – VI Police Department

  • Driver and Vehicle databases – VI Bureau of Motor Vehicles

  • Roadway database– VI Department of Public Works

  • EMS database – VI Department of Health

  • Citation & Adjudication database - Judicial Branch of the Virgin Islands  

The program is also responsible for establishing the Territory’s Traffic Records Coordinating Committee (TRCC) which provides a territory-wide forum to facilitate the planning, coordination, and implementation of Traffic Records projects. The TRCC:

  • Represents the interests of the agencies and organizations within the traffic records system to outside organizations.

  • Reviews and evaluates new technologies to keep the highway safety data and traffic records systems up to date.

  • Develops, reviews, and approves the Territory’s Traffic Records Strategic Plan.

The Traffic Records Strategic Plan provides a five-year vision and mission for improving traffic records. The plan, which is updated each fiscal year, identifies high-level goals, objectives, and strategies, and establishes benchmarks and quantifiable performance measures to assess progress.