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Planning & Administration (P&A)

Planning & Administration (P&A) is the cornerstone of the NHTSA funding for the VIOHS. The program is guided by a renewed mission of improving highway safety territory-wide through the development, promotion, and implementation of educational outreach campaigns, enforcements and community-directed alliances. The VIOHS approaches each fiscal year with clear and measurable objectives, benchmarks, and milestones to ensure success. In adhering to mandates to promote highway safety territory-wide, the VIOHS intends to address the following program areas through the FY 2021 Highway Safety Plan (HSP):

  • Traffic Records

  • Occupant Protection

  • Impaired Driving

  • Police Traffic Services

  • Communications

  • Community Traffic Safety Traffic Programs

The design, implantation, monitoring and evaluation of traffic safety initiatives targeting fatality reduction measures will be led by the Director of The Virgin Islands Office of Highway Safety and supported by Highway Safety Program Coordinators, Compliance and Fiscal Officers, and Traffic Data Analyst. Program Coordinators are responsible for independently managing assigned program areas, coordinating traffic safety activities, and identifying opportunities to capture evidence-based data useful in promoting highway safety awareness by creating partnerships and facilitating sub-grantee agreements.

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